FAST PO BANILA CO Clean it Zero Cleansing Cream 100ml

perhatikan tanggal preorder , batas pembayaran dan detail lainnya.

!!! harga bisa berubah kapan saja, tergantung dari supplier Korea.

sudah termasuk EMS dan tax. belum termasuk ongkir dari lokasi admin ke alamat pembeli.

pemesanan silahkan isi formulir pemesanan di samping atau hubungi kami


BANILA CO Clean it Zero Cleansing Cream – Original/ Radiance

Rp 255.000 / 100 ml

batas pembayaran s/d 3 April 2017

akan dikirim dari Bandung tgl 10 April 2017

1st pay 1st get


Author: 爱-dol Shop owner

dropshipper-reseller K-stuff original from Korea. online shop owner. medical doctor. around that old time start as k-drama, variety show fans then k-pop fans; and fell for the traditional vibes and food there and.... Korean ---------------------------------- spent her childhood as dancer, singer, choir vocalist, on stage drama performer. as she grew up she grew apart from it. now.. just... sometimes sing and dance for fun only. draw, coloring, design, craft, knit, photograph, video editing, etc. try everything she could think about. mostly doing her job, or go eat somewhere or read or watch movie or else for fun and work on her online shop and sometimes as planner. busy life? not as busy as my med school life.

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